Kidswear SW21

The new collection " Burning Amazonas" is about the burning Amazonas in Bolivia and the deforestation due to ilegal and political arson. Of course it`s a theme about the climate change. It`s about my father`s journey trough Bolivia, on which he took stunning pictures from the cactuses landscape or the dried out saltlake and the colorful lifestyle in Bolivia with their multicolored foulards. The kids collection is also inspired from pink cactus flowers and the cozy alpacas in Boliva.

The collection includes a lot of different playfully volants and ethno stripes details. What is more the kids collection is mostly made from fabric waste of the main womenswear collection. Discover the rain(bow)forest print and save the rainforest with your purchase

This season Anaé-Rose donates per sold piece 5.- to the organisation WWF :