RAMONAERB was founded in Berlin 2017- Expanded and unnamed Anaé-Rose in Switzerland 2020

FOUNDER AND HEAD OF DESIGN: Ramona Domino Erb, born and raised in Switzerland, founded her own fashion brand RAMONAERB (new Anaé-Rose) in Berlin 2017. With 22 years Ramona Erb moved from a small village in Switzerland to Berlin and lived there for almost 9 years. Ramona Erb studied Fashion Design at one of the best Design universities in Europe called ESMOD (école superieur de la mode). During and after her studies, she worked for one of the coolest independent label Lala Berlin in the Atelier and Design department. What is more she got experiences at Berlin Fashionweek and Paris Fashionweek, where she was invited from AKRIS to support the Design Team of Albert Kriemler there. 

She comments: "Working in Paris with Akris was one of the best experinces in my life"

The time in the rude city Berlin really shaped her vision to found a FASHION BRAND WITH A PURPOSE. Most of the citizen there on the street are unfriendly and disrespectfully. Ramona thinks this behaviour and how people treated each other had a big impact on her design. Also the huge refugee wave from Syria had a big impact to found her own fashion label with social commitment.

In 2018 Ramona moved back to Switzerland with her family (4 kids) and decided after a 3-months Corona time-out to start a new chapter:

She changed her label name from RAMONAERB to Anaé-Rose (her daughters second name, who was surprisingly born in 2019). Her aim was to be completely sustainable with Anaé- Rose.

Ramona added: "The production is one of the most important aspect of my brand, everything is handmade and manufactered in Switzerland and Germany (Berlin). One of the poorest thing in the fashion industry is, how seamstresses treated in Asia. This is absolutely a NO GO!

Our philosophy:

  • Sustainable Jersey (base of recycled Polyester, also called Rpet.) Rpet is the first step towards recycling from PET beverage bottles.
  • Sustainable fabrics coming from the neighbour country like (talian wool)
  • GOTS certificated organic Cotton
  • Fair and local production in Switzerland and Germany (Berlin)
  • Manufactered from active dressmaker, retired dressmaker and mother`s at home
  • Including a traditional fabric to support the production in the inspiration country
  • Inspiration is always related to political and social injustices
  • Colorful prints with hidden political and social messages
  • One collection per year to avoid fast- and waste fashion
  • 5.- donation for every sold piece to a chosen charity organisation

What is new: Anaé-Rose launches a first KIDS COLLECTION made especially from the fabric waste of the Womenswear Collection.

Ramona said: "My aim is to make the fashion industry better. I am trying to change the consumption behaviour of the customers. Inspired from political and social injustices, I am trying to open eyes and thematize problems with my collection, this encourage having a dialog about the problems in our society. My customers don`t have a guilty conscience because they are doing good with purchasing my fashion. They donate with their purchase, means FASHION WITH A PURPOSE!